February buys – part 1

This is my first post about new acquisitions. I would like to share a short overview of my new buys from the past month. I ordered some Avon ‘True Colour’ products in the beginning of February and scored a Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer and Vitamin serum foundation from Lily. Unfortunately, I already used up my sheet mask from DM, so this one won’t get a photo. The Alverde eyeshadow base and the Douglas peel off nail polish base are in though.

Shopping for make-up and cosmetics in Sofia

Shopping in Bulgaria can get a bit boring. I buy most of the branded make-up and white cosmetics from the Remedium pharmacies since it tends to be cheaper than both Lily and DM. I mostly go to DM for Balea/Alverde and affordable Korean products, while Lily stocks some harder to find Polish, Serbian and Turkish brands and occasionally has good sales on specific products. Sephora and Douglas/Beauty Zone are decent places for department store and higher end products, but rarely discount as much as the regular pharmacy/cosmetic stores.

I promised myself to stay in Sofia in February, so I’ve been shopping exclusively here. My only imported product is an order of Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo that arrived in the beginning of February. Since I ordered it back in January, I’m not adding it to the February buys 🙂

The list

  • Alverde eyeshadow base

Already in use, 5,- leva (€2,5) at DM

This is my first eyeshadow base and I’m still a bit underwhelmed. I choose Alverde because their products are both ophtamologically tested and affordable. I have other Alverde products for eyes and these tend to be milder than regular make-up products and easier on my eyes. On the bright side, I don’t see any ill effects, which is a small miracle with something I apply on my eye lid. I will write a review after I experiment a bit more with these.

  • Bourjois Vitamin Serum foundation 52

Not used yet, about 15,- leva (€7,5) at Lily

I won’t be opening this one until autumn since it doesn’t have sunscreen. Once it starts raining cats and dogs, I will give it a try though. Let’s hope I don’t get too tanned in the meantime.

  • Bourjois Vitamin concealer 52 / medium

In use, about 14,- leva (€7,-) at Lily

This one is supposed to both nourish and give a fresher look to these nice circles under my eyes… Too bad they didn’t get the memo! The formula blends nicely and I can live with the slight shimmer as the coverage is good and buildable. It matches my open Vitamin Serum fdt nicely and doesn’t clog in lines towards the end of the workday. That’s one more pending review.

  • Balea Aqua sheet mask

Used up, no photo, 1 single use mask for 1,8 leva (€0,9) at DM

This was a nice surprise from DM, picked up on a whim when I was getting some sparkling water. It is a sheet mask made in Korea and intended to hydrate the skin. The first and only time I used it, my skin was much relaxed afterwards. I had the mask on for about 10 minutes, removed the sheet and rubbed the remainder of the mask in. In the morning my skin was much fresher and better hydrated. In short, the mask worked like a charm (the first time).

  • Avon True Color concealer

Already in use, cost just 4,- leva (2,-)

I didn’t have very high hopes for this concealer. It is lightweight and builds up well enough. Big news: no shimmer formula! I understand the shimmer helps brighten up the circles under my eyes, but I really enjoy the fact this concealer doesn’t have them.

  • Avon True Color CC pearls

Tried twice, cost 14 leva (€7,-)

These pearls are supposed to  be a knock-off of some Gyuerlain pearls. Well, these are downright horrible. Glitter all over, I couldn’t notice any colour correction due to the shimmer sticking everywhere. I tried applying with a puff and I am still working on washing the glitter out of it.

I am saving the pearls for some party where I can do a disco ball look without looking ridiculous. I would love to give it to somebody who does costume or party make-up and can actually use it. Not an everyday product and a pain to apply. No, thank you, no.

  • Avon True Color ‘coral desire’ lip liner

Already in use, cost 4,- leva (€2,-)

This is soft lip liner with an easy to blend colour. I have a few lipsticks in similar shades, so this one is a winner. I can’t say much about longevity since I eat up my lipstick pretty quickly. If I go to the trouble of using both lipliner and lipstick, I usually get to eat and drink within the hour. I guess I’m just dorky this way.

  • Douglas Peel Off Nail Polish Base

Tried once, cost 17,- leva (€8,5)

Put on two layers of base and then apply your nail polish. You can peel it off anytime. Simple, straightforward and easy, especially the peeling off part. Mine started peeling within 24h. Good for painless removal of glitter, not so good in the longer term. Oh, and requires lots of drying time all around.

  • H&M True Matte Finishing Powder

Unused, on sale for 2,- leva (€1,-)

Made in Italy and super cheap. I bought it as an experiment, H&M cosmetic products tend to be hit and miss. If I like it – great, if not – no tears will be shed.

  • H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher

Unused, on sale for 2,- leva (€1,-)

Same as the powder, cheap and cheerful.

  • Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin skin perfecting foundation

About 10,5 leva (€5,2), on sale at Remedium

One more compact powder for my bag. I have no idea when am I going to use this one, I have way too many similar products.

  • Intimate wipes

I use a menstrual cup, so I always try to have wet wipes on hand during these days. Cleaning my cup at work is a (very) bloody job. These are the latest addition to my desk.

That’s it from me for today.

I did some extra shopping later, so I will be posting a second part of the February buys soon.


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