L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation 06 review

I bought the cushion foundation by L’Oréal back in December from one duty free in Cyprus, but I’ve been waiting to finish up one of my current fdt before I open it. Well, my curiosity got the better of me and I finally broke the seal this week. I understand these may be coming to Bulgaria, so I wanted to give it a try before the official release and get ready to stock up if I like the cushion.

The shade I selected is 06 (‘rose beige’), which has a rosy sub-tone. After a few days walking and hiking in the sun, my hands were a bit tanned, so this was a good match. The tester itself was in a regular bottle, so I didn’t see the cushion in advance.
I understand cushion fdt are all the rage at the moment. However, I hadn’t taken a look inside one of these babies until I tried some out at a Kiko store last month (Kiko CC Cushion). The L’Oréal version, now that I opened it, looks pretty much the same. It reminds me a lot of the Alverde powder compacts with mirror and applicator, but way more messy.

The plastic feels cheap and I really don’t feel that the sponge inside is hygienic. It probably will look even worse in the longer term. If the product lasts as little time as it is rumoured to, this may not be an issue though.

This shade looked nice on my hand when I tried it in December and the formula blends very smoothly. However, now that I have actually tried the cushion, I have second and third thoughts about it. The coverage is light and application is super easy, if a bit awkward due to the cover and cover sheet I have to remove to access the sponge. However, asides from an interesting set-up, I see little to recommend this cushion system.

Building up doesn’t help much with coverage and I can’t get anything over light. Concealer and even a setting powder are a must if I want to do anything about the bags under my eyes. The overall look is a ‘no make up’ look (my interpretation), or a tired look (my boss’s interpretation). I don’t wear foundation to look tired, so this is by far not my favourite. There are way easier ways to score a free coffee than to look like something the cat dragged in.

What I like about this fdt is that it is an all in one solution, i.e. it comes with an applicator and mirror. While not compact, it’s not too bulky either. This makes it an option when travelling by land or with checked bags. I wouldn’t take it in my hand luggage on a flight though, since it would tax my liquids allowance. They definitely missed the sweet spot with the size of this one.

I will try to use up this fdt, but I am not planning to buy any cushions any time soon. It feels gross, it’s too big and it doesn’t do much for my skin. I reckon a different formula may look better on me, but I am not inclined to invest in another one when there are plenty of amazing products out there. Take the L’Oréal True Match 4 in 1 compact for example – it excels where the cushion fails, providing good coverage in a convenient ready-to-travel package and all this at a fraction of the price of the cushion. Now this is a winner in my book.

L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation (€17,- for 14,6ml)

Pros: mirror and applicator are included, compact size, blends very well, innovative formula, good for ‘no make-up’ look, very light coverage, SPF 29

Cons: too bulky for carry-on luggage, less hygienic than bottled fdt, smaller quantity for a higher price, poor coverage

Overall: 2,5/5

Effect: 2/5

Package: 2,5/5

Price/quality: 2/5

Have you tried the L’Oréal cushion? What’s your experience? What’s your favourite cushion product?




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