Skin care 101

One of the things I used to overlook is skincare. When you’re under 25, it seems like washing your face with water now and then will solve all your issues. Well, for good or bad, this is no longer the case.

I try to open new products only after I use up others, so I don’t have much in use at the moment. My current skincare regimen includes the following products:

  • M.Asam Clear Skin 24h effect cream for blemished skin – 100ml for about BGN20,- / €10,- (info)
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion – 50ml for about €7,- (info)
  • Kiko Eyes Rescue Total Perfection Eye Contour Serum – about €12,- on sale for €8,-
  • Alterra Hydro Night Cream with Bio-Grape & Bio-White Tea – about €3,- (info)

The M.Asam cream is literally a life saver if your skin is prone to allergic breakouts. Last summer in Cyprus I had a horrible sun allergy. My whole face and neck were completely covered in a rash. Luckily, I had a tester of this cream in my travel kit. Just two applications (evening and morning) were enough to calm down my skin and get things under control.

The cream itself has a fresh, slightly citrusy feel. It’s not dissimilar to acid, but much gentler and very pleasant. I would classify it as a lotion and not a cream, as it is very lightweight and absorbable. I occasionally put it under foundation without any issues, but in general I prefer to use it in the evenings.

I don’t have any of the other three steps from this M.Assam range, so I can’t share my experience with them.

Pros: 100ml can last a very long time, effective, high quality, amazing price/quality ratio

Cons: shelf life insufficient to use up the whole quantity, no smaller sizes available, price is high (and worth it), availability in stores can be limited

Score: 3.5/5

The Tea Tree lotion from the Body Shop is actually very similar to the M.Asam cream. I also use it in cases of breakouts and often take it with me when I travel, as the bottle is much more compact. I bought it at an airport shop when I had only hand luggage.

I love the Tea Tree range by the Body Shop, so I wanted to try another product. I now have their facial wash gel (essential!), BB cream (yet to be opened) and targeted gel (a-okay). The lotion is quite effective and gentle on my dry and sensitive skin, so I already have a replacement ready for when it expires or I use it up.

Pros: gentle, good sized, economical, smells nice, some certified ingredients

Cons: less effective than M.Assam, not much hydration, not available in local stores (Bulgaria) – only online and at the airport

Score: 3,5/5

The Eyes Rescue Serum from Kiko Milano is a new addition to my skin care routine. The dark circles under my eyes are pretty noticeable, so I usually have at least one product for under the eyes. Since these are good for only 6 to 12 months, I get to try new ones often. I bought this one during the January sales in Rome and opened it straight away.

While I love Kiko’s variety of colours, their skincare products seem to fall short of my expectations. This serum is a good example. It’s watery and has an easy to absorb formula. However, it doesn’t seem to do anything for my dark circles.

The serum didn’t affect my eyes or irritate my skin at all, which is a boon for me. It did nothing to hydrate my skin though, so I am not particularly happy with it. I am not planning to buy it again, it’s definitely not my product.

Pros: gentle formula, no smell, easy to absorb, 15ml bottle

Cons: not much effect, relatively expensive, poor quality/price ratio, usable only 6m after opening, plastic package looks super cheap, not available in local stores (Bulgaria)

Score: 1,5/5

The Alterra Hydro Night Cream is part of Rossmann’s natural product range. It’s a house brand of the drug store and very affordable. Some of the ingredients are bio-certified, but I didn’t expect any miracles at this price range.

This is my first night cream and so far it has been pleasant to use. I can’t see any huge difference as compared to putting on my regular citrusy face cream. The smell is a bit odd/chemical and the texture is thick, so it takes a while to absorb. I am still undecided on whether I like it or not. I already have a replacement Olay night cream though.

Pros: convenient 50ml package, certified ingredients, gentle, excellent price/quality ratio

Cons: not much effect, odd smell, not available in local stores (Bulgaria)

Score: 2,5/5

That’s it from for now. Have you tried one of these? What is your experience?




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