New beginnings

I have started over and over with this blog. After taking 2016 off, I’m ready for a new beginning. I plan to make 2017 my year and writing is one of the things I want to focus on.

Who am I? I have legal background, more qualifications than most people would need and currently work as a Benelux representative for a major technology company. I’m also targeted on both revenue and call stats, if you need a pointer how low on the totem pole I actually am. Being born in the 90s, this may not be particularly surprising.

I hit 26 a month ago, my personal life is a bit of a mess, I have a shopping problem and I’m addicted to my Moto G. I’ve lived in a few European countries, I speak about 5 languages,  and I’m currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I travel monthly, love discovering new places and exploring the local streets.

You will hear more about all of this in the upcoming posts. All older posts are now archived.

Welcome to my blog!


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a bit lonely, a dreamer, law deserter, admin extraordinare

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